I'm a musical artist & visual storyteller


I'm a musical artist & visual storyteller

Hello. I'm Steffen Hoffman and  Amor Mea Fati is my experiment. I'm so grateful you stopped by. I'm an artist and visual storyteller based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

I have led the design, creative, tech, and product launches for both startups and large corporations, including NutriRise, Rythmia, RLOVE, The Honest Company, Salesforce, and AOL.

I've also founded both tech and product companies, including Niyama, Openly Human, Klova, Metastory, and Hipster (acquired by AOL).

I specialize in branding, app/web design, UI/UX, photography, videography, motion graphics, and music production. Covering a vast spectrum of creative disciplines allows me to take a holistic approach to design and creation, to fully tell the story I feel in my heart and soul from start to finish.

Any meaningful change in the world starts with a story. We tell stories to feel at home in the universe. We are all the authors of our own story. Everyone and everything we know are the characters, set, and setting.

Creation is connecting with spirit. Music is truth.