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Take an audible journey through alien worlds.

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What if we found life elsewhere in the universe? What kind of planet would it be? What would the people be like?  What type of cultures and societies would emerge?

Take a cosmic journey to earth-like planets far beyond our own solar system. Civilized is a concept album, where each song represents the the sound of distant civilization we find in the cosmos. Ethereal synths and strings are combined with powerful drums and piano riffs.

A citizen of Eros

Eros is a warrior, primal culture, always feuding with with each other and surrounding planets.

A citizen of Terra Prime

Terra Prime is covered in thick jungle and the people are deeply in touch with nature.

A citizen of Retron

Retron is a planet overrun by cyborgs from the future, possessing technology far beyond human understanding.

A citizen of Aruna

Aruna is a true blue planet, entirely  covered with oceans. This aquatic society has adapted to both breathe and live underwater.

What do you feel when you listen to each track?

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