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How to create a directional altar

Create your own at home using the 8 directions and 5 elements

How to create a directional altar

Wanting to create or enhance your altar at home? I recently produced a video on how to create a directional healing altar using an ancient directional science and art called “Vastu”. All 8 directions and 5 elements are combined to create your sacred space.

Directions and significance:

NW: Relationships
Primary color: Yellow
Secondary color: Blue

N: Abundance & prosperity
Primary color: Green
Secondary color: Gold

NE: Personal spiritual work
Primary color: Gold
Secondary color: White

E: Health and well-being
Primary color: White
Secondary color: Gold

SE: Life changes & transformation
Primary color: Silver
Secondary color: Red

S: Career & recognition
Primary color: Red
Secondary color: Gold

SW: Helpful people
Primary color: Orange
Secondary color: Red

W: Creativity & knowledge
Primary color: Blue
Secondary color: Yellow

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