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An audible journey of divine play of the universe

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This is my second album and it's very near and dear to my heart. It features tracks written from a tragedy, and tracks written for celebration and love. I really explored the full spectrum of emotions of my being and channeled it through this audible experience. When listening, I invite you to get relaxed, close your eyes, and allow your mind to wonder where the music takes you. I'd love to hear where you go!

What is Lila? Where did the statue concept come from?

"Lila" is Sanskrit for the divine play of the universe. The concept of Lila is common to both non-dualist and dualist philosophical schools. I view music as being at play in the universe and this album is a direct expression of that.

To visually represent this divine play, I chose classic statue busts of gods and mythical figures, superimposing silly faces and emotional expressions to give them life. Quite literally, it looks as if the gods are at play.

Joey Jams

I wrote this in memory and dedication to my brother. He was tragically shot and killed by police in the summer of 2020. It was my way of processing and working through this trauma.

Leo's Lullaby

A lullaby for the celebration and love for my best friends and the birth of their first baby.


I was working on this one on and off for the past few years. It started with a groovy piano riff I couldn't get out of my head, then morphed into an electronic-tribal-cinematic-type piece.

Incoherent light does not contain photons with the same frequency and does not have wavelengths that are in phase with one another. In humanistic terms, people who aren’t vibin’!


"Coherence" is a fixed relationship between the phase of waves in a beam of energy in a single frequency. Kind of like the twin flame of the physics world.

Regalos de Plantas

This was written when I was quarantined in Guanacaste, Costa Rica earlier this year. I had the privilege to play music in Ayahuasca ceremonies with some of my best friends. We then decided to record an album together, this was one of our creations.


"Supersymmetry" is an idea the can explain all the partner pairs for all the matter and particles in our universe. It could help explain what dark matter and dark energy are, which makes up over 80% of our universe.

This song is a dedication to the era of science and the explorations of the cosmos.

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