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Openly Human

Plant-powered personal care made for every body.

Openly Human

Founder, creative direction, branding, web design, package design, photography, videography, & marketing

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Openly Human's mission is to create the most effective and eco-friendly plant-powered personal care products that raise the awareness of more mindful consumerism. Made for every body, our natural deodorant sprays are safe for all skin types and sensitivities. Our aromas are gender neutral and powered therapeutic essential oil blends to keep you fresh and grounded all day long.

Our formulas are expertly crafted using plant, mineral, and ferment-based ingredients. They are designed to work with your natural microbiome to fight odor without harmful, synthetic toxins. Our bottles are made from sugar cane with vegan, paper labels and it ships in a recyclable paper tube. Everything is held in place with a mushroom-based insert that can also be used as a planter!

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